Custom Creations are Hollywood-quality, custom zombie portraits created just for you by acclaimed horror artist, A. Saleem

Jessi asked:
"Why are the product levels priced the way they are?"

-You are purchasing the artist's time and effort along with the creation. A quality Zombie from ZombieMe.com takes hours of work to complete. Labor, artistic skill and quality of the product are taken into consideration in our pricing. While people can spend more on a traditional caricature, a Zombie is sure to make for a unique, custom work of art.

Dead_Andy asked:
"What material and software is used to make a Zombie?"

-The Zombies are created using digital tools including Adobe Creative Suite, a graphics tablet, and may include external photographic or illustrated original components along with your submitted image.

Frosty asked:
"How long does it take to receive my Zombie?."

-You can usually expect your Zombie within 36-48 hours, but can take up to 72 hours when the studio is busy creating. Your final product will be e-mailed to you at your e-mail addressed used to register your account.

A Kazzilion people have asked:
"Can I get a free Zombie?"

-If you have access to a significantly large audience and wish to review or promote ZombieMe in exchange for a complimentary Zombie, contact us for more information.