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ZombieMe.com is the premier destination for custom zombie and horror artwork.

Have ZombieMe create a Hollywood-quality, highly realistic, custom Zombie of you or a
friend by selecting a Custom Creation option with several product levels to choose from.
Or, launch the Free Generator and Zombify yourself in 3 steps, using the online tools.
Zombify Yourself with ZombieMe.com
Zombify Yourself with ZombieMe.com
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Zombify Yourself with ZombieMe.com

Begin a Custom Creation
Each Custom Creation is unique to you, a friend or a family member, making it a truly one-of-a-kind item. All portraits are hand painted using digital tools - and since we begin and end with a photograph of you, your Zombie will always be recognizable.
Created by A. Saleem, artist and creative explorer.
Launch the Free Zombie Generator
Or, use the templated, do-it-yourself zombie generator and transform yourself or a friend into a zombie for free! Add realistic gashes, gore, texture, blood, and weapon effects to your photos and share them with the world.

Zee-Wee Herman


Roz & Mocha Zombies


Walken Dead


Worm2073's Vampire


Jay Walking Dead

About the artist “Adnan Saleem (the man behind the horror) has done it again…” -Comedy Central Insider
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