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Zombify Yourself with

Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Creations are Hollywood-quality, custom zombie portraits created just for you by acclaimed horror artist, A. Saleem

Jessi asked:
"Why are the product levels priced the way they are?"

-You are purchasing the artist's time and effort along with the creation, at a very competitive price. A quality Zombie from takes hours of work to complete. Labor, artistic skill and quality of the product are taken into consideration in our pricing. While people spend more on a traditional caricature, a Zombie is sure to make for a unique, custom work of art.

Dead_Andy asked:
"What material and software is used to make a Zombie?"

-The Zombies are created using digital tools including Adobe Creative Suite, a graphics tablet, and may include external photographic or illustrated original components along with your submitted image.

Frosty asked:
"How long does it take to receive my Zombie?."

-You can usually expect your Zombie within 24-48 hours, but can take up to 72 hours or slightly longer when the studio is busy creating. Your final product will be e-mailed to you at your e-mail addressed used to register your account.

A Kazzilion people have asked:
"Can I get a free Zombie?"

-If you have access to a significantly large audience and wish to promote ZombieMe in exchange for a complimentary Zombie, contact us for more information.

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